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Here's the new Warplanner website landing page. This is what users will see when they go to warplanner.com (the game snippets will rotate). I like this, it's so much cleaner and simpler. Are there any other must-have items on the new home page?
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Latest comment for Warplanner instructions for Advanced Third Reich

Is there a step by step manual for using Warplanner to play Advanced Third Reich somewhere? Trial and Error is too time consuming. Thanks. Gregory Gubitosa

  Gregory Gubitosa (11/20/2016 11:04:45 AM)
Latest roll: A3R 1455 Sp41 Axis Diplomacy
Rolls made by Mark Traylor using random seed 87.
The average for this set of rolls is 3.00, rolled 10:48 PM 9/24/2017.
Sides per die: 6, Die per roll: 1
Line 1: Persia 1DP +2 max Moslem unrest = DRM +3
Line 2: Finland 0DP +1 Rus occupies FBA, +2 Rus fought over FBA; net DRM +3

Haven't looked at the Viohy and Japan rolls yet - oh, the humanity!
Line 1: 5
Line 2: 1

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